I LOVE my piece ’Innocence’!
I absolutely love my piece “Innocence”. I fell for it if love at first sight. It was a strong connection for me – I was in awe, I couldn´t stop thinking about it and I kept thinking I MUST have this in my house. So now, it takes pride in my living room in the perfect spot and it adds so much to the atmosphere. Cloë’s work is very powerful, her amazing energy is translated into her art and the love she has put into this piece is tangible from a distance. Her positive energy is very present and I feel my piece radiates this into the space. My home is sacred to me, and I feel very lucky to have such a special and wonderful source of energy in my home. To be honest, I sometimes get the feeling the mandala picked me…thank you so much Cloë!

Dr. Joe Arrindell Jr.

Care4Health, Mallorca

When I opened my new osteopathy clinic, I wanted something on the wall that would impact my clients upon entering. I came across Cloë´s work and immediately I knew it is what I was looking for. I asked for a piece that represented the most important elements of my life: my family, my personal health, my practice and the care I have and share with the world. This way, my art piece would be like a shield, reflecting the strengths of my life. From beginning to end, it was great working with Cloë. I gave her the colours of my logo and she matched the colour pallet to my interior. The process was effortless and fun and it felt like we were a team.

The most satisfying is being able to see the reactions from people when they enter the clinic every day. I don’t get bored of it. Every person makes a comment and is somehow moved, which says enough. It has become such a feature in conversation and in the practice, serving others as a great welcome to the space. Unexpectedly, it has become a symbol of my business.

Paula & Ian


The artwork I got from Cloë is really my centre of inner peace. When we renovated our home, I wanted a room where I could do yoga and leave the busy-ness of life behind me. I wanted to create a space that felt like my haven but also inspiring to share with others. The yoga studio I created had everything: views of the garden, a newly designed interior… but I wanted something that brought soul. Then I saw Cloë´s art and my heart jumped a beat!

My piece is called ‘Inner Flower’ and it represents exactly that…it reflects an inner blossoming, an inner blooming. Looking at it, I feel the same calmness and encompassing love that nature brings me. Cloë has the same attentiveness that she puts into her weaving as she does into the boxing and shipping process. She handled everything with utmost care and everything was very easy. I am beyond grateful and her piece will continue to inspire all those who enter my yoga studio.



The moment I saw Cloë's art, I had this imminent urge to touch it and learn the story behind it. I decided I wanted a piece that would be meaningful and so I was very excited when she agreed to create a piece just for me. It was inspiring to go into such a journey with Cloë.

My mandala feels like an energy field, emitting “rays” like the sun. To me, it´s a symbolic representation of the web of life and resembles our interconnectedness as humans. I feel it connects me to nature and it's a positive reminder that everything is perfect the way it is – in union and in harmony.

The packaging and shipping was done professionally with a personal note and advice on how to care for the piece. She also included a video guiding me through the installation step by step, making it very easy to hang it on the wall. Thank you again, dear Cloë for delving  into my world with such sensitivity and dedication, I couldn't be happier with such a significant piece in my home.