Woven landscapes by Cloe Collette with Mallorca's luxurious yarns

Step into the captivating art of Cloë Collette, where her
circular landscapes take you on an 
enchanting journey.
Vast pieces that tell a story, evoke emotions and compass healing.
A language of colour and connection, moving the space it holds, centering individuals within.
Highly charged, hand woven and bespoke creations inviting an infinite visual journey of discoveries to the eye of the beholder.

Discover the world and artwork of visionary and fiber artist Cloë Collette.

Custom made art

Bring your story to life through colour and thread and empower your space.
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A tapestry of Mallorca's heritage


Weaving with Mallorca's handspun wool, Cloë's artworks are embedded with the island's rich heritage. Her roots in weaving extend from an ancient time, echoing the craftsmanship and history that lay the foundation for her art. Each thread tells a story of natural beauty, local traditions and sustainable practices to conserve Mallorca's authentic and slow lifestyle. In every artwork, she weaves not just fibers but a cultural identity, celebrating the magnificence of quality fibers while preserving the profound connection between heritage and art.


As an alchemist of shade and texture, Cloë Collette brings stories and emotions to life through colour and thread. Having seeded a curiosity for textiles since the age of five, her journey into weaving started in 2011 during her time in the Himalayas. During one of her mountain treks, Cloë stumbled upon a small woven symbol of sacred origin. It captured her. This fascination grew into her present immersion in weaving.