Weaving ancient traditions into a captivating personal style of modern tapestry

Having drawn inspiration from time-honored weaving traditions in Asia, Cloë has developed her own personal art form by reinterpreting ancient techniques in her creative visions. Every artwork embodies the essence of cultural heritage, nature, and wellbeing.

Cloë's artwork is a juxtaposition of large scale, small details. Her artistic approach of dedication was inspired during her practise of devotional Buddhist painting in Nepal. Every circular landscape is a wealth of detail and colour that invites a journey of discovery and travel. "In a small strip of white, I may use five shades of white. The bare eye cannot see it easily, but it adds to a mystical glow you can sense when looking at the whole.¨

The essence of weaving

Cloë Collette´s visual language is upheld by the vibrant yet sensitive use of colour, geometry and sacred patterns. Inspired by underlying themes of honouring nature, creating balance and going back to the source, her circular works are seen as otherworldly portals. Every knot is an intention, every layer reflects a feeling or emotion.


With everything deeply considered, Cloë´s wool studio is a conscious edit of sustainable, natural and local Mallorcan yarns. She is passionate about using yarn from the sheep that live behind her studio, honouring local traditions and old age techniques such as hand spinning and hand dying of the yarn. Through partnering with local artisans and small suppliers, she aims to contribute to reclaiming the value of Mallorca's wool and traditional lifestyle.

"Through the years I have collected a large selection of yarns which all have their own story. Wherever possible, I weave with sustainable materials that honour the environment, the animals, and the workers involved in creating that material. This aligns with my own personal belief system, and on a vibrational level, supports the quality and energy of my work."

"Through weaving these visual reminders of union, I invite people to find authentic connection to their centre, increasing quality of life."


Nestled in the vibrant landscape of Mallorca, Cloë's artistic journey is a tapestry of cultural influences and innate passion. Born in the Netherlands and raised in the dynamic surroundings of Singapore, her fascination with the colourful world of textiles was ignited from the young age of five. Her life journey was further enriched by early childhood experiences in the remote corners of Asia and Africa with its rich cultural artistry. 

Studying at the Bachelor of Arts in Hilversum, Holland, set the stage for Cloe's extraordinary journey. Her immersion into weaving was catalyzed during her stay in the Himalayas from 2011 onwards. The contours of her creative identity took shape through prolonged explorations of remote landscapes, indigenous cultures, and the sacred disciplines of art.

For over a decade, Cloë has intricately woven ancient traditions into her captivating personal style, aiming to enchant and unite people through her art. Cloë's innate longing as an artist is to delve deeper into the fusion of these elements, weaving the essence of nature and belonging into the modern tapestry of our lives.

"I love to add so many details that the eye cannot perceive it any more, that the mind cannot grasp it. This space beyond the mind is what intrigues me most."